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Skylar Rose Emry Faeries

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Grey Cherry Vampires
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Skylar: Skylar walked the windy trail of Central Park as the was lost in thought. She learned that the Warlock she worked for was going on a vacation. Meaning she would be gone for a few years. Which meant that Skylar would be in charge of the shop that the Warlock ran. She wasn't too enthused about the idea, but it payed and it gave her something to do. Wow... She thought, looking up. The stars are beautiful tonight.

Grey Cherry: "Great, look what you've gotten yourself into. You died immediately after losing your v-card and now you're a cold, dead, pale bloodsucker. What did I do to deserve this torment?" The newly arisen vampire was talking to himself frantically as he walked through the isolated and park illuminated by moonlight. Trying to access the fact that he's now a vampire, he thought a bit of fresh air would clear his head, but has gotten even more nervous just thinking about it "And what's this crap about running a clan, how the hell does his work anyways? Is it just me? Are there more vampires here I don't know about!?"