The New York Institute Training Room


The Armory
A floor below the attic is where you can find the Institute's armory. Upon opening the huge wooden doors, a variety of weapons a Shadowhunter can user are found. From the walls to small racks are assorted classical weaponry that provides protection for the users. Pick one before you go to battle.
Everybody needs a weapon. And anything can be a weapon. But of course, for this time, you'll need a decent one, and the Institute's armory provides you that. Go on and choose!

Sparring room2

The Sparring Room

Located in the attic of the Institute is also the training room. A huge, vacant space is present for each kind of strength training. The ceiling holds high, sturdy beams that are used to teach Shadowhunters balance and flexibility. A small changing room is located just off the training room.

Now that you have your weapons in hand, it's time for practice! Shadowhunters do need to be fit and strong, and the atmosphere of these rooms will absolutely influence you to do the intended exercises and training. Have fun sparring!