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Central Park


About Central Park
Sure you've seen this urban park in lots of movies, because it is one of the most filmed locations in the world. 778 acres of land designed for enjoyment and wonder, a National Historic Landmark. Who wouldn't want to go play frisbee in its lawns?

There are a lot of points of interest to be visited here. Bet you can't handle it all in one day. Statues, Cleopatra's Needle, fountains, little picturesque bridges, huge picnic lawns, lakes and follies. One place you'd love to go to would be the Central Park Zoo. Kids love it because of Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria. Plus the penguins. Guess you know them. Visit each of the flowery gardens there, such as the Conservatory Garden, and the amusements parks, such as the Victorian Gardens.

Go watch the ducks swim in the lakes. Take a view from one of the observatory decks there, such as the Belvedere Castle that overlooks the Great Lawn and Turtle Pond, and beyond. Again, this place is filled with unseemingly nice creatures. The Turtle Pond is an example. So beware!