The London Institute Sanctuary


If no one in the entire world cared about you, did you really exist at all?

–Tessa Gray

Outside the main Shadowhunter Institute building stands its Sanctuary, a place unholy which Downworlders can enter within the vicinity. The high ceilings are supported by arching joists and pillars. Its thick walls and sturdy doors are made to fully protect or keep those inside of the hall. On the far side, a fountain of an angel is posted. The external surrounding area is filled with leafy trees and vines that grow huge, white flowers.

Downworld denizens cannot step onto holy ground - the reason why an Institute has a Sanctuary. This is the 'lobby' for Downworlder guests. But since the creation of Projecting, Sanctuaries are used less. However, it is still useful to those unable to utilize the said creation.