This is the General Support's to-do-list. Heavo ho!

Creation and Users & Characters List

Top Priorities

  1. Make sure each creation is checked and up-to-date.
  2. The rules are valid; based on the books and not too much strict (e.g., asking for too much stuff that isn't necessary)
  3. Make sure the Users & Characters list is up-to-date.
  4. Keep track on leveling up users.
    • New users start with Beginner Level, with one character slot.
    • Level One is achieved after two weeks since first char is created,with 3 char slots (activity must be kept up)
    • Level Two is achieved after three weeks since creation of first char, with 6 char slots (activity must be kept up)
    • Level Three is achieved after six weeks since creations of first char, with 9 char slots (activity must be kept up)


  1. Create fancy yet suitable templates for:
    • the rules
    • the things the admin needs to do when checking the claims
    • the Users & Characters list 
  2. More active users and admin team.

Pages that Need Development

Pages Needed to be Completed

  1. Recode the main page.
    • Add all necessary information available about the wiki (introductions, IC leaders, IC and OOC announcements, etc)
    • Add links to important pages (Policies, Creation, etc)
  2. Requesting User Rights

Pages to Develop

  1. The Institutes (New York and London)
    • Fancier templates that are suitable
    • Subcategories and locations of each
  2. Praetor Lupus
  3. Vampire Clans (Hotel Dumort and [blank])
    • London Vampire Clan residence location is in Bleeding Heart Yard, Farringdon, London.
  4. Faerieland
    • Seelie Court
    • Unseelie Court
  5. Idris
    • Alicante
      • The Gard
      • Accords Hall
      • Shadowhunter Academy (if possible) with Scholomance (if really possible)

Characters Needed

  1. The Consul (candidates are needed)
  2. The Inquisitor (candidates are needed)
  3. Praetor Head (candidates are needed)
  4. New York Vampire Clan Head
  5. High Warlock of London
  6. Downworlder Representatives in Idris (to be chosen by admins)
  7. More characters (obviously)