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Name: Madison Ravenstorm

Species: Nephilim

Age: 25


Madison Ravenstorm

Personality: Madison is a smart, caring person. She has a kind heart and prefers to settle disputes by talking, not by violence. She believes that Downworlders have the possibility to be equal to Nephilim, as she knows that not all Downworlders are good and kind. To her own people she seems soft, but she thinks with a level head and can think through problems, and that's all that matters to Idris.

City: London

History: Madison was born and raised in a small town outside of London. Her father was born a Nephilim, but her mother was born a Mundane, and chose to go through Ascension. The council approved this because she quickly learned the ways of the Nephilim, and they were surprised and pleased that she would be joining them. She drank from the cup, said the oath, and was made a member of the Nephilim.

When Madison was born, her parents moved from Idris to just outside of London so they could work at and for the London Institute. Growing up, Madison learned the ways of the Nephilim, and trained hard. She was taught by her mother that all lives are precious if born on the earth, or born in heaven. Downworlders and Mundanes were to be respected, and demons were to be killed. Resort to violence as a last resort.

Madison took this in stride and used it. She was known to the London institute as the best negotiator, and when she officially became an adult, they offered her the position of running the London Institute, as the ones who ran it at that time wanted to retire to Idris. Madison was honored and said yes, and has run the Institute since.

Weapons: She carries a sword of silver and electrum, cooled in holy water. She considers it to be the ultimate weapon of choice.


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